At Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Care, we take a “whole body” approach to health and healing to help move or elevate your life toward its natural state of wellness and well-being.

Restoring balance and harmony within your body through acupuncture is vital to encouraging and stimulating your body to activate its own powerful healing mechanisms and achieve immediate, as well as long-lasting, results.

For more than 25 years, we have treated many patients successfully with traditional needle or magnet acupuncture which, by some estimates, has been widely practiced in some form in various parts of the world for more than 4,000 years.

While needle and magnet therapy still are a mainstay of our acupuncture treatments, laser acupuncture therapy also is available at our center, all of which have proven to be effective in treating a wide range of illnesses and imbalances, sometimes with dramatic, even extraordinary, results or outcomes.

Below are some of the beneficial treatments and therapies that we use at the center that might be able to help you now … and anyone you know who needs help:

LightNeedle Laser Therapy

Despite its name, this laser actually does not use traditional needles. It uses up to 12 thin optical leads or wires, each with a patented safety tip that is taped to the skin at various acupuncture points [instead of inserting needles at these points] through which a laser beam is programmed and transmitted by the system equipment.

This therapy is particularly effective on musculoskeletal, nerve, and inflammation conditions; internal medicine issues; organ dysfunction; wound healing; sports injuries; and a range of emotional imbalances, to name just a few.

LaserPen Therapy

This laser also uses low level laser technology to diagnose and treat certain conditions via select acupuncture points in the mouth, especially teeth; ears; joints; and other small areas of and points in the body.

A powerful, compact, and versatile device, the LaserPen also can be effective in the treatment of “trigger points” such as hyper-sensitive or irritable points of tension in soft tissue or muscle and deep tissue.

Auricular (Ear) Laser Therapy

This laser not only uses different equipment in the treatment of illnesses and imbalances, it focuses on acupuncture points in the ears, which contain some of the most powerful healing points in the body.

With this therapy, we have the ability to determine if a patient has a “hidden” focus point to which the body is sending all of its available, natural energy to heal. It also works on unknown or unidentified psychological issues, detection of heavy metal toxicity, vitamin deficiencies, and even dental work that did not heal properly.

This therapy is among the most potent healing treatments that have been seen and used in acupuncture medicine.

Auricular (Ear) Laser Therapy

FX 635 Laser Therapy

The FX 635 Laser is a “game changer” in the treatment of painful and, for some, debilitating symptoms particularly associated with plantar fasciitis, along with chronic or acute pain, concussion syndrome, and traumatic brain injury.

In cases of plantar fasciitis, the FX 635 Laser specifically targets pain and inflammation of the heel via a painless, non-invasive procedure that can quickly improve walking comfort after only a few treatments or in just a matter of a few weeks or months … without surgery.

Instead of suppressing the body’s ability to heal itself, a possible effect of temporary pain-relief procedures such cortisone injections, the FX 635 Laser actually stimulates a physiological response in the body’s cells that accelerates healing.

During a treatment, patients feel no heat or sensation of any kind from the laser, whether it’s being used at the center to treat plantar fasciitis, other types of chronic or acute pain, concussion syndrome, or traumatic brain injury.

Most treatment sessions are about 20-25 minutes long and there is no pain or no discomfort during or after treatment, there is no recovery time, and there are no side effects. 

ERCHONIA® Violet and Red Laser Therapy

Like the FX 635 Laser, the Violet and Red Laser (EVRL) is manufactured by Erchonia Corporation, a world leader in low-level laser technology and therapy.

As with other low-level laser therapies, the EVRL uses low intensity photonic energy to reduce inflammation, regenerate cells, and increase blood flow to reduce pain and edema, and promote healing.

It is especially effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions involving the neck, shoulder, and lower back areas, as well as tendonitis and acute or chronic injuries to soft tissue.

This laser therapy, like all of the laser treatments at the center, is non-invasive, pain-free, and fast-acting in its effectiveness for many acute or chronic conditions. Most patients do not feel anything during treatment, but for those who do on occasion, it is nothing more than a slight tingling while others sometimes feel a sense of deep or mild relaxation

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT)

In addition to these innovative, leading-edge low level laser technologies and therapies, Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Care also offers Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), a clinically proven treatment that is safe, painless, and available to adults and children of all ages, including infants.

AAT merges 21st century science with more than 4,000-year-old acupuncture principles in offering a non-invasive, needle-free, effective alternative in the treatment of symptoms associated with more than 300,000 sensitivities and allergies.

AAT is not like traditional or customary testing and treatment of allergies or sensitivities, which typically uses needles and often involves uncomfortable scratch tests and painful injections.

Instead, it uses computer software programmed with millions of bits of data and is attached to a “cuff” that is lightly wrapped around the upper (bicep) area of the left or right arm. In doing so, it is able to detect or assess allergies and sensitivities to particular foods, such as grains, wheat, dairy, eggs, fruit, and chocolate; as well as many other substances including vitamins, pollens, molds, perfumes, shampoos, animals, dust, preservatives, citrus fruit, wheat, ice cream, tomatoes, and even sunlight and changes in barometric pressure.

These same devices are then used along with a ‘percussor,’ which activates or applies an acupressure technique or procedure along the spine to help “reduce” or “resolve” symptoms related to a particular sensitivity or allergy.

AAT does not treat the immune system; it, instead, targets organ systems that are involved in an “overreaction” to a particular substance and focuses on the relationship between symptoms and organ systems to produce rapid and long-term relief.

While AAT can be very effective providing relief of many allergies and sensitivities, it does not treat cases of anaphylaxis or life threatening symptoms. In these cases or situations, strict avoidance is always advised.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Our focus on improving the health and well-being of patients now includes Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Therapy, which uses mild, low-level (i.e., micro-amperage) electrical current to promote healing and balance throughout the body by relieving pain, improving circulation, repairing tissue, and reducing swelling and inflammation.

Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Care is the only center of its kind in Massachusetts and New England to offer this powerful healing treatment in conjunction with traditional needle and laser acupuncture therapies, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, and Bio-Well Electro-Photonic Imaging to help enhance the quality of your life.

This painless, needle-free, and non-invasive therapy has the potential to be a “game-changer” for many patients, especially those who have been struggling and dealing with pain and countless other health or physical problems, symptoms, and conditions.
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Bio-Well Imaging

At Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Care, we are at the forefront of patient care using leading-edge, highly-advanced technology in the assessment and treatment of many health problems and conditions.

Among the most powerful and purposeful technologies that we use to assess the health and well-being of our patients is the Bio-Well Electro-Photonic Imaging Camera, which was developed and designed to assess the energetic state of a person, including his or her overall levels of stress and vitality, as well as a potentially corresponding presence or existence of possible illnesses and imbalances.