The miracle of self-healing occurs when the inner patient
yields to the inner physician
~ Vernon Howard

Helping your body to heal itself and moving your life toward its natural state of wellness is the most important goal of the therapies and treatments that we offer at Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Center.

Together with traditional needle or magnet acupuncture therapy, which has been a keystone of our center since it opened 20 years ago, and the new, breakthrough cold low-level laser acupuncture therapy that we now offer, plus our Advanced Allergy Therapy, FX 365 Laser Therapy, Cannabinoid Therapy, and Cytokine Therapy treatments, our patients are achieving their health goals in ways and timeframes that continually impress and often amaze them.

But, don’t take our word for it …

I have been under treatment by Desneige Datillo, Acupuncturist and Allergy Specialist, for several years and have had exceptional results. In regard to the allergies, I have been told by many allergists that I am extremely allergic to many things, including foods and spring and fall allergens. Her treatment has alleviated many of these very acute symptoms to the extent that no other treatment is necessary during the heavy seasons.

In regard to Macular Degeneration which I have in the right eye only, it has also improved with treatment in just five months since last October 2017. Near vision has improved almost 100% and far vision is much improved. Driver’s license has been restored. Glasses are still necessary but I drive with my impairment.


I highly recommend the allergy treatments offered by Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Treatment Center. I had suffered from seasonal allergies my entire life and gone through the tests and treatments recommended by an allergist at a local hospital. I was using nasal steroids for over 10 years.

I began my allergy treatments with Desneige early in 2011. That spring was the first time in my life that I did not need any medication and I am still doing great five years later. It has been life changing to be able to be outside, to be able to open my windows at home and in the car … even to clean pollen off of my porch without the runny nose, sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, and congestion that my allergies used to cause.

The treatments are painless (no needles) and Desneige is a pleasure to work with.


I have experienced remarkable results due to your cold low-level laser treatments. I was in trauma following a serious fall and the doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital allowed Desneige to treat me in my room. I believe it had a major impact on my recovery. Prior to that, I was experiencing severe pain in my legs and Ms. Datillo’s cold laser treatment gave me great relief.


I was in constant pain for 17 years before I saw Desneige for treatment. I had four knee scopes and an ACL replacement. When I had my first treatment, I noticed that the swelling had disappeared; I had good range of movement in my knee. I was so happy and pain free. No pain in the knees, back or neck. So far I have had three treatments and I feel 100% better. I never thought I could live without pain. Look into this acupuncture treatment, you won’t regret it.


You have been a life saver for me. My pinched nerve problems, my lower back, my hamstring issues, all addressed and solved quickly and professionally. I recommend you to all of the people I come in contact with who are complaining about physical issues. You are the best.


After my cancer surgery, Desneige treated me for wound healing quickly and successfully with her cold low-level laser therapy, even after the sutures came apart after the first week home. It was a very painful operation and in an awkward area for healing, but that didn’t make it awkward for Desneige or the laser to get to the affected area. My doctors were amazed at my recovery and that the recovery included a cold laser. Every week they would ask if I had gone for my cold laser treatment and they even asked for more information about it. I was very lucky to have both Desneige and the cold laser therapy on my side. I am now completely healed.


I have had two great healing experiences with Desneige. She is the consummate, caring and skilled professional. She works in a holistic and powerful way and gets results. Her acupuncture and magnets healed my trigger finger in a series of visits. After two years with Achilles tendonitis, she also got me back to 50% ability after only one cold laser treatment. I am now at 100% capability running daily with huge mileage.


I had battled anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I could remember until a friend told me about Desneige and her acupuncture center in Wakefield. I had no idea that acupuncture therapy could help me and others like me with similar conditions. The treatments usually take about 30 minutes and the results have been amazing. I feel a lot better since I started the treatments and hope to cut back or even eliminate my medication soon.


Since I began seeing Desneige a few months ago for my irritable bowel problems, my symptoms have been greatly reduced and have disappeared. The relief that she has given me with the blood laser treatments is indescribable. Best of all, I no longer fear traveling or going out to dinner or to parties with my friends. I am living a normal life, again. Thank you, Desneige.


I have known Desneige in a professional capacity for many years. Over that period of time, I have been a patient for a number of medical issues. My personal approach to my health care had been to blend traditional Western medicine and Eastern Medical Treatments. For example, acupuncture treatments by Desneige considerably reduced my post-operative pain from disc surgery and lessened the recovery time. Treatments for other problems have been equally successful, including treatments to balance my emotional health. Desneige continues to obtain cutting edge training and technology that compliment her practice and benefits her patients.


I had serious burning pain in my hip due to bursitis. This condition left me unable to enjoy walking or working out at the gym for any length of time. I have been through all phases of therapy. I started with the orthopedic doctor, then physical therapy and then cortisone injections. Nothing seemed to keep the bursitis at bay. I heard about Desneige and her laser acupuncture treatments through a friend who had been to see Desneige for help with her asthma and migraine headaches. I was a bit skeptical. I had never heard of cold low level laser therapeutics. So, at my wits end, I decided to give it a try. I went to one visit and was very surprised at the relief I had from the burning sensation in my hip. On my second visit, I was so much better and able to go for a long walk. On visit three and four, I got full relief. Desneige helped me so much and is a very caring person trying her best to help people with pain.


I avoided breakfast cereals and breads for years because of the stomach ache or discomfort that often would follow after eating them. Not anymore. After you diagnosed my sensitivity to wheat with the Advanced Allergy Therapy and following several treatments, my sensitivity and reaction have totally disappeared. Now, you are using this therapy to help my wife with her allergies to tree pollen. The results have been as amazing for her as they were for me. Thank you.


For many years, I suffered with sinus problems and headaches that bothered me throughout the year. Then a friend of mine told me about Desneige and her new allergy therapy that detects and treats allergies and sensitivities without painful needles and shots. That’s all I needed to hear to make an appointment to see her … and I am very happy that I did. She found that I had a high sensitivity to many different kinds of tree pollen and mold, certain vitamins, and dogs and cats. I am now allergy and sensitivity free … and sinus problem and headache free … completely. What a relief. Thank you!


About 10 years ago I had a very bad reaction with pineapple. Yes, pineapple; people used to think I was crazy. I found a lot more things had pineapple in it than I ever knew. Fast Forward years later, I met Desneige and she has changed my life between acupuncture and allergy treatments. She told me she could help, told me what she would do and that someday I would be able to have pineapple again. I thought to myself this can’t be true. How can I be allergic to something one day and then finally be able to eat it again? Well she made it happen! I doubted it at first but said to myself: “If I don’t try, I’ll never know.” So off on the journey we went. After 3 allergy treatments and for the first time in 10 years, I had fresh pineapple … reaction free. And, yes, the first bite was the scariest thing I’ve done knowing what had happened in the past whenever I ate pineapple. I couldn’t be more excited now to be able to have the foods I’ve wanted to try thanks to Desneige. If anyone has allergy issues, they should go see Desneige. They won’t be disappointed.