Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live
~Jim Rohn

Every treatment and therapy offered at Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Center has one goal in mind … to help you get well, live well and stay well.

This is the center’s goal each and every time you come to the center for acupuncture, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, Cannabinoid Therapy, Cytokine Therapy or for any other beneficial treatment or therapy.

The same is true for the FX 635 Laser, a leading-edge low-level laser therapy [LLLT] that is now available at the center.

Manufactured by Erchonia Corporation, a world leader in LLLT technology, the FX 635 Laser is proving to be what many in the medical field are calling, and what those who’ve seen the results believe is, a “game changer” in the treatment of painful and, for some, debilitating symptoms particularly associated with plantar fasciitis, along with chronic or acute pain, concussion syndrome, and traumatic brain injury.

In cases of plantar fasciitis, which affects nearly one million people annually in the United States, the FX 635 Laser specifically targets pain and inflammation of the heel via a painless, non-invasive procedure that can quickly improve walking comfort after only a few treatments or in just a matter of a few weeks or months … without surgery.

The only laser equipment of its kind to be market cleared by the FDA, the FX 635 laser is proven to promote cellular regeneration through painless bio-stimulation, which is helping many patient s return to an active life much sooner than they ever believed was possible.

Most treatment sessions are about 15-20 minutes long and there is no pain or no discomfort during or after treatment, there is no recovery time, and there are no side effects.

During a treatment, patients feel no heat or sensation of any kind from the laser, whether it’s being used at the center to treat plantar fasciitis, chronic or acute pain, concussion syndrome, or traumatic brain injury.

Instead of suppressing the body’s ability to heal itself, which is a potential effect of cortisone injections often sought by some to relieve pain, the FX 635 laser actually stimulates a physiological response in the body’s cells that accelerates healing.

In addition to plantar fasciitis, the FX 635 Laser is proving to be effective in treating a range of conditions, some debilitating or incapacitating, including concussion and traumatic brain injuries.

The center is using the laser to successfully treat patients with a wide range of conditions, including concussions as a result of motor vehicle accidents and brain injury due to the impact of a detonated Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

In such instances, many of these patients have experienced anxiety or severe migraine headaches, sometimes both, for many years related to their condition. After they began receiving treatment at the center with FX 635 Laser therapy, their symptoms were eased or diminished, in some cases with dramatic results.

If you are, or someone you know is, experiencing symptoms of plantar fasciitis, concussion, traumatic brain injury, or joint pain and discomfort, call the center today to schedule a consultation and make an appointment.


CLICK HERE to watch a video and learn more about the healing powers of this low level laser technology.