It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are “heal”
~ Ed Northstrum

As the founder and medical director of Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Center, Desneige Datillo has researched and evaluated many different types and manufacturers of cold low-level laser acupuncture equipment. After extensive examination, she selected and uses laser equipment manufactured by RJ-Laser, which is headquartered in Germany. Through her affiliation with RJ-Laser, Desneige is helping to chart a new course of acupuncture therapy in the U.S. that is transforming how illnesses, imbalances, disorders, dysfunctions and diseases are being treated not only by acupuncturists, but by medical doctors as well.

At the forefront of the cold low-level laser technology researched, developed and produced by RJ-Laser are several breakthrough devices.

They include:

  • LightNeedle laser
  • Blood (irradiation) laser
  • LaserPen
  • Cluster Probe laser

These low-level lasers are described by many in the medical and scientific communities as “light therapy at the top level of medicine” and other lasers like them already have conquered nearly every special field or specialty of medicine in most European countries.

For example, dentists frequently use them to stop bleeding after a patient’s tooth extraction, while dermatologists often them to irradiate or treat acne on the face of an adolescent patient and primary care physicians already use them to relieve gastritis in adult patients.

Now, these lasers are proving to be extraordinarily effective, as well, in the treatment of an ever-widening range of medical problems via cold low-level laser acupuncture therapy.

And, the results of this therapy can be remarkable, often accelerating the body’s natural healing process in ways that have never before been possible and helping people to attain their health goals in timeframes that have never before been achievable.

Each of the low-level laser devices that we use at the center for acupuncture treatments are needle-free, pain-free and risk-free … in other words, there are no unpleasant side effects of any kind during or after a laser acupuncture treatment.

For more information about this new, innovative cold low-level laser technology and how it can help to optimize your health and wellness, and that of others who have acute or chronic medical conditions, please contact our center today.

In addition, we offer professional consulting service, which involves expert clinical training sessions on the functionality and operation of the laser equipment and devices used in our acupuncture treatments.

The sessions feature on-site tutorials and real-time, hands-on demonstrations during actual treatments, as well as telephone-based and video-based (e.g., Skype) consulting sessions for acupuncture practitioners and users of the devices who are located anywhere in the U.S. and around the world.