Our bodies are our gardens … our wills are our gardeners
~ William Shakespeare

Most every day at Desneige Acupuncture and Allergy Center, we receive questions from past, present or future patients regarding different therapies and treatments, costs and rates, appointments and consultations, privacy and confidentiality, length of treatment … you name it.

And, rightfully so, as the history, nature, range and growth of our services can inspire curiosity, stimulate discussion, promote research, challenge beliefs, and, very often, encourage a life-changing course of treatment of an acute or a chronic medical condition or problem.

While it’s not possible to list every question asked by patients, following is a sampling of the most frequently asked questions:

Is acupuncture painful?

When needles are used as part of an acupuncture treatment, they are ultra-thin and flexible, almost as thin as a strand of hair, thereby permitting a nearly painless (shallow) insertion into the skin at any one of 2,000 or more acupuncture points in the body. A few patients have compared it to the feeling or sensation of a mosquito bite. When magnets or cold low-level lasers are used in acupuncture therapy, it’s safe to say that the treatment is totally free of any pain or sensation.

Is acupuncture safe?

When acupuncture is provided by a trained, certified and licensed professional, acupuncture is considered quite safe by any measure or standard. If treatment is performed using needles, you can be assured that only sterile, disposable and individually packaged needles are used at our clinic, as required by law. When magnets are used, which are taped to the skin much like a small adhesive bandage, as are the cold low-level laser safety tips, the tape is disposed of properly after treatment.

Can acupuncture be used to treat children?

Yes. Acupuncture is every bit as effective — and safe — in helping children with medical problems as it is in helping adults. In some cases, children actually may respond more quickly to treatment than an adult. In the event that traditional needle acupuncture is to be used as part of the treatment, and your child has an aversion to needles, we have the option to use magnets or cold low-level lasers in lieu of needles, or even gentle acupressure, as part of the treatment.

What should I expect as part of my initial visit to the center for an acupuncture treatment?

You can expect to receive a few questions at the start, mostly about your medical history, past and current symptoms, diet, and overall energy level, to name a few, as well as a review of any medical records that you bring to the center. After this part of the appointment is complete, we typically will perform brief, routine palpatory and abdominal diagnostics, along with a quick examination of your body where you are experiencing ache, pain, discomfort or other dysfunction. At this point in your consultation, we usually introduce to you and discuss various therapies and treatment modalities and, based on the symptoms that you have described and relief you are seeking, we often will begin the initial treatment. Altogether, the first appointment generally will last about one to two hours.

What if I decide that I don’t want to continue my first acupuncture treatment after it has started?

As the patient who is undergoing treatment, you always are in control; you can stop treatment at any time. Most treatments are performed while you are comfortably resting on a padded table or sitting in soft leather reclining chair. The treatment rooms are quiet, with only the sound of soothing music in the background. Most treatment sessions last about 45 to 60 minutes and many patients fall asleep during treatment. While most patients welcome the calm, serene environment during treatment, you have the option to take a short break, use the restroom, or discontinue the session if you desire. Every patient is different, so you can be assured that we will accommodate your needs and wishes at all times before, during and after treatment.

What if I have to use the restroom during treatment?

Each treatment room is equipped with a small bell that is placed within easy reach of each patient, whether resting on a table or sitting in a chair. You may ask for assistance or take a break at any time by gently tapping on the bell.

Do you offer non-needle acupuncture treatments?

Yes. As an alternative to traditional needle acupuncture, we use small round magnets, with or without electro-stimulation (feels like tapping) that are taped to an acupuncture point (instead of the shallow insertion of a needle at this point). We also use cold low-level lasers that emit a beam of red light, which resembles a laser pointer or a scanner typically used by a cashier when recording the price of an item purchased in a store, for example.

How often will I need a treatment?

No two patients and their conditions are alike, and because each one responds differently to treatment, it’s virtually impossible to determine or project the length of time or number treatments that will be needed to bring relief and promote healing. However, our goal at the center always has been and always will be to alleviate your symptoms/problems and accelerate your body’s own healing process as quickly as possible.

Are there any side effects to an acupuncture treatment?

No. Unlike certain medications, for example, acupuncture treatments, whether by needle, magnet, or cold low-level laser, do not cause side effects other than a feeling of relaxation or slight fatigue during or soon after treatment. In either case, these feelings are short-term and often are followed by a feeling of relief or even enhanced sleep.

Is your center wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our center is located on the ground floor with a level entrance and hallways that are wide enough to accommodate assistive machines and devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc. If you need a guide for your first visit or subsequent visits, our staff will be happy to meet you at the main entrance door. Assistive animals also are welcomed in our center and we will make the appropriate accommodation for you in strict accordance and conformance with Massachusetts law.

How much does it cost for an acupuncture treatment?

The cost of an acupuncture treatment varies based on the service or therapy that is performed. If the prescribed treatment is expected to involve multiple sessions or appointments, we offer discounted package prices when purchased in advance. Also, we occasionally offer special rates or introductory offers, which will be posted on the “Insights” page of the website.

What level of privacy is provided at the center?

Our clinic provides a discreet, caring environment for all patients at all times. All personal and treatment issues are maintained in the strictest confidence at all times, as well. Often, clinic staff members themselves do not know the purpose or reason for a patient’s visit, consultation, appointment or treatment.

What is the confidentiality policy at the center?

The center abides by and adheres to all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards of privacy at all times, without exception.

Do you think that your allergy therapy can help me when no other treatments have worked?

Yes. Our Advanced Allergy Therapeutics treatment is like no other allergy or sensitivity treatment because, unlike other types of treatments, it “identifies” and then “treats” specific organ systems in your body that are involved in triggering or activating the symptom or reaction that you experience when exposed to a particular substance. This therapy also is totally non-invasive and uses no needles in the assessment and treatment of the cause or symptom of your allergy or sensitivity, and it does not involve the use of herbs of any kind.

Do you use Cytokine Therapy to supplement or complement the acupuncture treatments that patients receive at the center?

Most patients receive relief and benefit from Cytokine Therapy in addition to their acupuncture or allergy treatments, although it is also used as a stand-alone therapy for some patients with remarkable results. This therapy can be applied to the treatment of many medical conditions, particularly those involving orthopedics and the musculoskeletal system; lung, liver, and kidney dysfunction; anxiety; and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also used by physicians for patients with dermatology, cardiology and endocrine conditions. Cytokine Therapy provides a precise treatment plan for patients that actually can repair and regenerate cells, tissue and organs. It is, in many ways, at the forefront of healing the body … and helping you get well and stay well.

I am very interested in trying the Cannabinoid Therapy available at the center to help with my gastrointestinal problems, as are people I know who have frequent migraine headaches and episodes of PTSD. Do we need a doctor’s prescription or medical marijuana card?

No. First, it’s important to note that the cannabidiol (CBD) oil used in the Cannabinoid Therapy is not medical marijuana, not psychoactive, not toxic, not addictive, and not intoxicating. The CBD oil available at the center, which is produced in a liquid form and dispensed from a glass bottle via a small dropper, is legal to use in Massachusetts, where the center is located, and in every other state.

Second, the CBD oil is classified as hemp and, therefore, legally available to anyone in every state. In contrast to marijuana, federal law does allow for the cultivation, processing, marketing and use of hemp and hemp products, which would include cannabinoids – such as the CBD oil used in our Cannabinoid Therapy – that are derived or extracted from industrial hemp under the conditions set forth in Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (aka the “Farm Bill”).